These hilarious ghost movies follow in the footsteps of ‘Haunted Mansion’

If you enjoy great cinema with a touch of comedy, our selective selection of movies will make you howl with laughter.

These hilarious ghost movies follow in the footsteps of 'Haunted Mansion'
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latest disney movie ‘Enchanted Mansion’has already been released and we want to honor theatrical release With a selection of the best productions that share the style of the movie version of the popular attraction at the North American company’s parks. If you have a subscription to some of the platforms we’ll talk about below, be sure you’ll enjoy our offerAs much as I’m sure you did with the top 7 zombie movies online or the top 10 comedy movies on Netflix.

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It is available in both the 1995 film and filminglike in hbo max And skyshowtime, invites us to meet the inhabitants of a mansion, who will see how their peace is disturbed by some unexpected human tenants. during 100 minutes tape plays so we can join in Strange fight between ghosts and humans Already one of the most gentle ghosts that Seventh Art has given us.

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catch me those ghosts

Famous Michael J. Fox It gives us one of his funniest performances in a film that is available filming and that during 110 minutes period will invite us to meet the con professional, even though extraordinary abilitiesUses them to try to deceive others.

watch me catch those ghosts in filmin

the ghostbusters

There’s little we can say that you don’t know about one of the great epic sagas in cinema history. This first installment, with footage 107 minutes and available in prime video And movistar+introduce us paranormal investigators In New York City, the world is preparing to be destroyed unless someone can stop the threat with their proton pack.

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my friend ghost

disney+ He also joins the extravagant party with one of his all-time favorite movies. story of this movie 106 minutes period, introduces us to mythology pirate black beard, who hangs in limbo until a good deed frees him from his prison. It will be a track team that will give him an opportunity to redeem himself, though it will not be an easy task.

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Finally, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to recommend a movie starring one of the funniest supernatural movies of the past decades. Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder, If you don’t know Bitelchús, you’re in luck, because it’s a creature human exorcist, that is, it is responsible for driving people out of their homes who dare to mess with the spectral residents. funny comedy in both hbo max like in movistar+ and lasts 92 minutes,

Watch Bitelchús on HBO Max Watch Bitelchús on Movistar+

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