These movies and series arrive in October

The catalog will be reinforced with new series and movies this October and Halloween, premieres on the streaming platform that will let us see versions of Shakespeare’s love stories or new Star Wars series as well as new episodes. If you want to know which are the best Disney + releases in October 2022, pay attention to the following paragraphs.

new sets

Among the new series that will arrive on Disney + this October, we can highlight two: “The Bear” and “Candy” that will arrive on October 5 and 12.

Bear is a Disney + original series that will land in the catalog on October 5. Eight episodes that will be available from the day of the premiere and that tell us the story of Carmy Berzatto, a young haute cuisine chef who has returned to Chicago and will have to take over his family’s sandwich shop. Berzatto, played by Jeremy Allen White, has become accustomed to a life of impossible recipes and luxury cuisine, but a death in his family will lead him to the “Original beef of Chicagoland” where you will have to adapt to your new life, your new employees and your new kitchens.

Another of the series that will arrive this October is Candy. A miniseries available from the 12th and with five episodes that will be available from the day of the premiere. Candy is an original drama miniseries, a series based on true events that tells us the true crime story. Based on the true story of the killer Candy Montgomery and starring Jessica Biel, Candy is a twisted story of a perfect mother and housewife in the 80s. Five episodes of the trending genre, true crime, that we can enjoy during the October on Disney+

New movies

October 14 The movie “Rosalina” will come to Disney+. A Disney+ original movie that makes a fresh and funny version of Shakespeare’s classic love story. A peculiar and unique version of “Romeo and Juliet” told from a different perspective than what we are used to: from the perspective and point of view of Rosalina, Juliet’s cousin and a woman who is in love with Romeo and will do her best to finish with the relationship between the two young people when they fall in love, in order to recover their love and with the tone of a youthful and entertaining romantic comedy to enjoy this fall.


New episodes

In addition to the new series and new movies, episodes of some of the series on air will continue to be released. This month of October will come to an end She-Hulk: Lawyer She-Hulk on Disney+ with all the chapters available for Marvel fans and with a special that will tell us how the series was made.

New episodes of Andor, the Rogue One prequel series that will arrive at the end of September and we can enjoy in October. Or new episodes of “The Old Man” or the reality show and series “The Kardashians”.

A new season of “The Mysterious Benedict Society”. The second season will arrive on October 26 and will tell us what happened when Mr. Benedict and Number Two disappear in Europe. The boys must face a search by foreign countries and adversaries to try to find him before it is too late and the consequences affect the entire world.

Hallow Stream at Disney

Not only will we have new content, but the platform will celebrate Halloween in style with specific collections and new releases. We will be able to see “Grimcutty: Relentless Assassin” or “Marvel Studios presents: The Curse of the Werewolf” but also the thematic catalog of fear and terror for Halloween will allow us to do a marathon of great classics such as “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” for teenagers or movies for all ages. the family as “The return of the witches” or “The Muppets in Haunted Mansion”.

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