these stars are suffering from extremely rare diseases!

Justin Bieber made a very sad announcement to his fans this Friday, June 10, 2022. Indeed, the man spoke via his social networks to let his subscribers know that he was forced to cancel several concert dates from his world tour.

“My body is telling me to slow down”said the Canadian pop star before revealing that he had contracted an extremely rare disease, the reason for which he had made the decision to put his world tour on hold.

“I am paralyzed”

“I have this syndrome called Ramsay Hunt, it comes from a virus that attacks the nerves of my ear and my face”revealed Justin Bieber via his video posted on Instagram. “I can’t smile on this side, part of my face is paralyzed,” said the husband of Hailey Baldwin.

If this disease means nothing to you, it does have cousins ​​that are much more popular. And for good reason, the disease from which the 27-year-old artist suffers is linked to a virus that we know well called varicella-shingles.

Also called herpes zoster oticus, this disease is considered extremely rare since it affects only five people out of a hundred thousand. This is a “Auricular shingles associated with peripheral facial nerve palsy, often accompanied by other cranial nerve damage”, explains the Orpha.net site about Ramsay Hunt syndrome.

Already suffering from Lyme disease, Justin Bieber joins the sad list of public figures who have already contracted extremely rare diseases… To find out more about these stars suffering from syndromes unknown to the general public, we let you scroll through the slideshow above …

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