these ultra-trendy platform sandals that all women love!

Like every summer, customers are waiting for new shoe models to hit the shelves ofH&M. Since then, it’s been madness!

Thanks H&M!

When he came up with the concept of H&M, its creator wanted to devote himself to the fairer sex. Indeed, he found that the prices were still too high. How to make so that the latter can acquire quality clothes without breaking the bank? No sooner had he finalized his strategy than success arrived. Gradually, he said to himself that he could decline the production to men and children. And the rest, you know it by heart. You got it dear readerObjekoinside one of the stores, you will inevitably unearth the rare pearl, and this, without emptying your bank account.

Focus on the history of H&M

In the late 90s, the first physical store H&M opens its doors in Paris. Since, Objeko can no longer count them as they are so well distributed throughout France. It almost seems like they have a sixth sense for finding the perfect spot to put the last one. The situation is repeated when we are on vacation. When visiting a big city, there are bound to be one or two. Moreover, at each inauguration, customers rush to fill the baskets.

A quarter of a century later, H&M throw a stone into the pond. Please note that this is not the online catalog. That, we guess you know it like the back of your hand. This time it’s a revolutionary way to shop. It’s simple, it feels like strolling through the shelves without being physically there. To find out more, don’t hesitate to click on this tweet, you will be amazed!

Therefore, how does the brand H&M will it organize itself so as not to suffer too much competition? Small prices are no longer enough, now you need the endorsement of celebrities. When management realizes that its colleague Zara was lucky to have Kate Middleton as an ambassador, she decided to react quickly. There is no question of begging the attention of crowned heads. On the other hand, why not ask designers and stars to get involved in a different way? By signing a collection, for example! In 2022, it was the singer Beyoncé who took up this incredible challenge. And you, what do you think, dear reader?Objeko ? What’s the best way to build long-term loyalty?

We love them!

Like every summer, one color dominates the market. As soon as the sun comes up, we can’t wait to find out. And this year, H&M bet on orange. After having bet for a long time on variations such as coral, it is great to go back to basics. As a result, Objeko made a point of finding the best articles! The least we can say is that there is a choice. In the shoe department alone, this model is on the rise. Able to go with your bathing suit or your little dress to walk around, it is as good as in slippers! But that’s not the only reference that caught our attention. After careful consideration, we have chosen to elect…

And to go with it, what could be better than this little pantsuit? Rest assured, the material is flexible. So if you ever decide to wear it to the office, you’re not going to get hot. In all ways, H&M makes sure to listen to his clients. Every time there is a problem with an article, the designers do not reproduce the same errors. The brand has understood the interest of adapting to our choices, and this involves the manufacture of accessories. From the bag, through the costume jewellery, or even the scarf, everyone must find something for themselves. Once out of the store, customers have everything they need to breathe new life into their wardrobe. We love !

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