These would be the two post-credits scenes of Thor: Love and Thunder

We are one month away from the premiere of Thor: Love and Thunder, one of the most anticipated premieres of the MCU. The fourth part of the God of Thunder promises to be one of the surprises of the summer with the arrival of Mighty Thor and the villain Gorr, played by Christian Bale.

Chris Hemsworth returns to embody the son of Odin at a time when it seems that the character is leaving his life as a superhero and passing the torch to Natalie Portman. We have not received many details about the film, beyond the trailers, however, the two post-credits scenes seem to have been leaked.

What are the post-credits scenes in Thor: Love and Thunder about?

According to some new reports, in the movie we would have two post-credits scenes, which would show a path to 2 upcoming Marvel projects. Specifically, we talked about connecting with Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and the I Am Groot animated series, which already has a release date for the month of August.

Speaking of Black Panther 2, it makes sense that the first post-credits scene is about the sequel. Especially since the film deals with the theme of the Gods around the universe, it has also been said that we will see Bast, the Panther Goddess in the film. In fact, there is an image with Valkirya and Jane Foster together with a woman who seems to be wearing a costume that seems to represent Wakanda, for many this character would be Bast.

While the second could be involved with the Baby Groot series of shorts, despite James Gunn saying that it is an independent series from the MCU. But we have already seen that in other movies we have seen an official look at some independent project like with Venom where we saw a scene dedicated to Into the Spiderverse.

I am Groot will be an animated series Thor Love And Thunder post-credits

And good reader, What What do you think of the two possible post-credits scenes of Thor: Love and Thunder? Do not forget to follow us here in Super Fiction.

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