They accuse the sergeant who immobilized a 14-year-old Puerto Rican boy in Illinois with his knee

A Chicago Police sergeant faces legal proceedings after being accused of immobilizing a 14-year-old Puerto Rican boy, who placed his knee on his back for believing that the minor would steal his son’s bicycle.

The events, which went viral in a video posted on social networks, occurred on July 1 in front of a Starbucks in Park Ridge, Illinois.

Sargeant Michael Vitellarowho at the time of the events was off duty and dressed in civilian clothes, faces felony charges of official misconduct and aggravated assaultreported the Park Ridge Police Department in a press release posted on their social networks.

The indictment was filed as a result of an investigation by agency detectives.

The 49-year-old officer turned himself in to authorities today and was taken to Cook County Second District Court for a bond hearing.

“I am very proud of my staff and their professionalism in conducting a thorough and thorough investigation that they took seriously from day one. The Park Ridge Police Department has and will continue to honor its oath and will continue to serve our community with professionalism, dedication, pride and respect.” Frank Kaminsky.

Yesterday, Vitellaro was revealed of his powers, an agency spokesman told the newspaper. Chicago Sun-Times. He also indicated that the Uniformed initiated an internal investigation into the incident.

The sergeant, who has been with the agency since 2000, has had four complaints against him for excessive use of forcequotes the newspaper Invisible Institute.

The victim’s parents Angel Y Nicole Snows, have assured from the beginning that they believe that the incident was racially motivated by being Puerto Rican. Vitellaro is white.

“(The charges) are a true reflection of what we all saw in the video: an abuse of power, not only without probable cause, but without cause”the parents said in a press release, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

The family is still listening to the impact that the traumatic incident could have had —or will have— on their son, who, they explained, is still processing what he experienced.

“There is absolutely no place in our community for this type of unnecessary aggression against our children and we are grateful for today’s progress.”they pointed out in the press release.

In addition, they announced that they are preparing a lawsuit, although they did not specify against whom or who would submit it.

“We want to make sure this officer no longer has the ability to abuse his power again. There can be no impunity for officers who break the law, and they must be held to the same standards as ordinary citizens.”they added.

The video that captured the moment shows Vitellaro with the minor on the ground. After identifying himself as an off-duty officer, he placed the boy’s arms behind his back and then supported him by placing his right knee on his back.

“He is taking my son’s bike,” Vitellaro is heard saying.

However, the sergeant was surrounded by four of the minor’s friends, who yelled at him to let go and stop perching on him. They then helped the victim to his feet.

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