They analyze the origin of the infectious germ that caused the death of a 6-year-old girl in Salento

by Andres Tortorola
A 6-year-old girl who attended School 88, located in the Malvasio neighborhood, died on Sunday afternoon, November 19, after a strange situation that is being investigated. When consulted, the departmental primary inspector, Jacqueline Oliveira, told CAMBIO that no other child had the same symptoms as the girl who died, although the school closed its doors during the funeral.
infectious condition
For her part, Health Department Director Dr. Rosa Blanco said an infectious condition could be verified, which could be caused by more than one agent. The one that spreads most often is streptococcus, this is not the case with scarlet fever, but it can be caused by streptococcus, which, in addition to many diseases, also causes scarlet fever. Blanco indicated that they do not yet have the agent, pending studies, adding that in most cases the germs can be saved, but sometimes not. In such a situation, he had to face symptoms of angina along with stomach symptoms. When the girl returned to the hospital, she was in extremely critical condition, all possible efforts were made to revive her, she was even shifted to CTI. β€œIn general, these pathogens have the potential to sporadically cause extremely serious conditions, which are difficult to reverse,” he said.
without panic
The result is septic shock, which means the bacteria responsible for the severity of the condition produces a state of irreversible and acute shock most of the time. Blanco said that he had been working from the first moment with the departmental health inspector, the director of School 88 and the doctor of the reference polyclinic. “Mothers who have children with some symptoms of sore throat are suggested to handle themselves as usual, these types of germs we do not know what they are and there can be many, no specific etiological The agent is not the one, he said, “At the moment it is the streptococcus that spreads the most that causes various symptoms, such as upper respiratory symptoms, angina, scarlet fever, abdominal symptoms.”
The precautions are the same, because generally it can become infected, most of these symptoms are completely benign and respond very well to commonly used antibiotics, without causing any alarm to mothers, the symptoms of fever, It’s good to keep an eye on sore throats. , skin rashes, stomach pain or any condition that worries you, consult.
spread of streptococcus
The measures are general, to take precautions for mothers who have children of this age, to seek advice, to resolve doubts and it is very important to highlight that most of these conditions are completely benign. The measures are normal, hand hygiene, ventilating the environment, there is no need to take measures in educational institutions, if we had to take them we would be the first to do so, assured Blanco. “This is an unfortunate case of a healthy girl who has a sudden onset, which happens occasionally and causes a bit of concern, at this time the spread of streptococcus is at its peak which causes many diseases,” he said. concluded.
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Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing, use a face mask, wash your hands frequently, avoid sharing glasses, bottles, cutlery, towels and other personal items, air rooms daily, clean surfaces and toys and Disinfect, avoid crowds.
Boys and girls with respiratory symptoms, including sore throat, should not go to educational or sports centers or social gatherings. To return to activities after strep throat or scarlet fever, they must be symptom-free for more than 24 hours and receive antibiotics for more than 24 hours.

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