They are a shame, they uncover why Independiente has not paid America

Azcarraga and Doman
Azcarraga and Doman

América and Independiente have been fighting in recent weeks. After not being able to liquidate the signing of Cecilio Domínguez, the Eagles have repeatedly asked that FIFA punish the club. Now, it was finally revealed why the South American team has not been able to pay for the transfer of the Paraguayan striker.

América sold Cecilio Domínguez in 2019 for six million dollars. El Rojo is still unable to pay said figure and now makes excuses so that they do not give them another punishment. After the lack of payment, América managed to get the TAS to sanction the club by not letting them sign players to reinforce themselves. Now the Eagles are asking for a more severe punishment by asking that Independiente be sent to the second division of Argentina.

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A former Independiente player revealed why the club has not been able to pay for the signing of the Paraguayan striker. Gonzalo Verón played for Rojo in 2018 and ended up leaving the club since it could not pay him. After this situation, the left midfielder decided to go to court with the club and now asks that he be paid 6 million dollars.

Why doesn’t Independent pay?

The Argentine midfielder revealed for the clarion that Independiente ceded the television rights, which affected them and thus they lost 750 million pesos. The player also revealed that all this happened during the change between the previous president and the new one, Fabián Doman. This would be the reason why Red has no money to pay America.

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