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Criminal charges were filed today in the Guayama court against a man and his mother, accused in a case of sexual assault and abuse against a minor.

According to the investigation of the authorities, Luis M. Gomez Melendez, 32 years old, allegedly sexually abused the minor for five years, who is a relative of his. While the man’s mother, identified as Emerita Meléndez Colón, 57 years oldpersuaded the victim not to speak and denounce her aggressor.

The Police did not specify in their report the age of the minor, nor the exact family relationship with the aggressor.

The man was charged with four counts of incest and one count of lewd acts, while the woman was charged with negligence under the Child Protection Act and one count of Impediment or Persuasion of a Witness.

Judge Vanessa Rozo determined cause against both on all counts. Gómez Meléndez was given a bond of $120,000, which he did not pay, for which he was admitted to Las Cucharas prison in Ponce. While Meléndez Colón posted the $30,000 bail that was imposed on him through a private bondsman, for which he was released on supervised release with electronic shackles.

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