They are not worth what a Rolex but: are Casio watches as bad as Shakira thinks?

“I don’t even know what happened to you, you’re so weird that I can’t even distinguish you. I’m worth two out of 22. You changed a Ferrari for a Twingo. You changed a Rolex for a Casio. You go fast, go slow. Lots of gym, but it works the brain a little too.” Surely if you have listened to Shakira’s latest song with Bizarrap, this verse sounds familiar to you.

One of the parts that has caught our attention the most is that in which it is compared to a Rolex and the current couple of Gerard Piqué with a Casio, implying the great difference in quality between one and the other. However, I may be somewhat wrong and perhaps using the Casio brand was not the best choice.

And it is that, it has always been considered, like other brands such as Seiko, of poor quality when the reality is very different. Casio watches are some of the most functional, robust and resistant ever built.

Based on the Japanese ideology of minimalism and functionality makes these clocks They have been quite a claim for athletes, military, youth and even academics.

myth vs. reality: Casio watches and their bad reputation

Of course, it is undeniable that Casio makes excellent watches. They are made of high-quality materials, especially considering the affordable price at which you can purchase one. Since they sell a wide range of products, they also use a variety of materials for manufacturing quality and design.

On the other hand, most products Casio They feature a stainless steel case attached to a stainless steel or resin strap.

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Its G-shock range is practically the reference in terms of sports watches They can withstand all kinds of blows. People who understand watches generally don’t look down on Casio (or Seiko). They recognize that they make great watches with good value for money.

And okay, if you want us to go by price, you can find limited edition Casio watches for €7,500. The basic ones can be had for around €10 and, at that price, it is without a doubt the best cheap watch out there. Furthermore, the models G-Shock Basic models cost between €30 and €50, while deluxe models cost between €1,000 and €5,000.


This, in a nutshell is a myth that has become embedded in society and that does not do justice to who they really are. A true aficionado respects Casio and knows that these 4×4 watches are the perfect adventure companion.

Note that celebrities like Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga have been seen wearing their watches, especially the G-Shock and Baby-G collections. Shakira may not be convinced and logically Casio is not a luxury brand, but perhaps she should have refined the shot more. Also, we forgive you.

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