They are the 16 finalists of this beauty pageant

The show that began with energy and the presentation of each one of the candidates took a turn and by pauses the names of the first selected were given. Among the first 16 semifinalists is the successor to Harnaaz Sandhu, the representative of India who was the winner of Miss Universe in 2021.

Among the first countries selected are Ashley Cariño, from Puerto Rico; Felizor de Línea Media, from Haiti; Monique Riley, from Australia; Andreina Martínez, from the Dominican Republic and Peyengxa Lor, from Laos.

In the next group the surprise was given by Ndavi Nokeri, from South Africa; Telma Madeira, from Portugal; Amelia Tu, from Canada; Alessia Rovegno, from Peru; as well as Tya Jane Ramey, from Trinidad and Tobago.

The last group entered Gabriëla Dos Santos, from Curaçao; Divita Rai, from India; Amanda Dudamel, from Venezuela; Alicia Faubel, from Spain; R’Bonney Gabriel, from the United States and María Fernanda Aristizabál, from Colombia.

The Guatemalan Ivana Batchelor was not in this selection, but according to experts she played a great role in her performance.

This is the first year that there are not 20 selected, that is not the only change that the new owner of the contest instituted, the Thai transgender billionaire Anne Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip, who runs a media distribution emporium.

This contest arrives a few months late and takes place at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in New Orleans (southern USA).

The contestants completed their parades in gala dress, regional dress and bathing suit during a preliminary ceremony that was broadcast on Wednesday, January 11.

This year the titles of Miss Congeniality and Miss Photogenic return and a finalist will be chosen by popular vote through the Miss website.

The new Miss Universe will wear for the first time a new crown named Force for Good, it has 993 precious stones, with a base made of diamonds and the highest part has a 45.14-carat sapphire .

Valued at 5.3 million dollars (it is the most expensive Miss Universe crown in history), it was made by the Mouawad firm of Lebanese businessman Fred Mouawad, noted as the eighth richest diamond owner in the world.

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