They are the boyfriends that Blake Lively had before Ryan Reynolds

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Blake Lively will become a mother for the fourth time with Ryan Reynolds, news that was released a few days ago at the Forbes Women’s Summit held in New York. The couple is one of the most beloved marriages in Hollywood.

But before the love story with the protagonist of “Deadpool”, the actress had some love affairs in the entertainment world, although Lively from a very young age had the idea of ​​taking good care of who she was going to share her life with, so she was never convinced by having multiple boyfriends. According to what the actress declared to Elle, She had only had three boyfriends before marrying Ryan Reynolds.

“I’ve only had four boyfriends in my entire life. I have never been with someone other than my boyfriend. If he dedicated time to a man, it is because he is someone I know well and who has been a friend of mine for a long time, “he explained. Blake Lively.


The love story of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Lively was girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio, Kelly Blatz, Penn Badgely and Ryan Reynolds, whom he met in 2010 in the filming of DC Comics’ ‘Green Lantern’, such was the “crush” between the actors in 2012 they got married and have three children, James, 8 years old; Inez, 6 and Betty, 3.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively They are a couple who support each other all the time, accompany each other in the presentations of their new projects and constantly travel around the world.

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