They are the CHILDREN of Camila Sodi and Diego Luna

Camila Sody She is one of the most beloved actresses in our country, not only for her talent in front of the camera, but also for her great charisma and her beauty. Also, her relationship with diego moon it also caused millions of people to look back on the years they spent together.

It was in 2007 when “El buffalo de la noche” made them meet and they began a romance. The couple began seeing each other at galas and events. The rise of the relationship was meteoric and they were married on February 5, 2008 in Los Angeles, California.

That same year, Camila Sodi debuted as a mother, after having Jerónimo. Two years later Fiona was born.

Right now Jerome and Fiona are 13 and 11 years old., respectively. But on a few occasions Camila Sodi shares photos of her children. The last time this happened was on their last vacation, where they went skiing.

Jerónimo and Fiona are the children of Camila Sodi
PHOTO: Twitter

The photo he posted on his Instagram account shows his two children in the snow. And although in the photo you can’t see their faces because of the helmet and the scarf, Camila bragged about how big they are and how much fun they have together.

The vacations of the actress and her children took place in the Pyrenees, between the borders of Spain and France. There are few photographs that the actress of Miss Gunpowder He posts on his social networks, where his children appear. But you always see that they have a great time and that they have a great relationship.

Camila Sodi’s children are already 13 and 11 years old
PHOTO: Instagram


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