“They are written by the best artist in the world”

Ben Affleck is in full promotion of his new movie, ‘Air’, along with his longtime friend Matt Damon. A few days ago, during the presentation in Los Angeles, Jennifer Lopez surprised us with a spectacular mermaid-cut dress that she chose to accompany her husband to the event. But it was not the only surprise of this ‘premiere’, Matt Damon’s entire family made a rare appearance in which we could see his three daughters. And now the two actors are giving interviews so that we all go to the cinema to see the history of the iconic Jordan shoes.

This was Ben Affleck when he did not hesitate to put JLo through the roof. The actor was doing an interview for a podcast when he was asked how it felt to have two songs dedicated to him. His response was wonderful. “The songs that have been written about me have been written by the greatest artist in the history of the world, Jennifer Lopez”. These were the words of admiration that Affleck, 50, dedicated to the diva from the Bronx and that made everyone melt at that moment.

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The actor talked about the songs ‘Dear Ben’, which JLo wrote for her album ‘This is me…Then’ and about the second part that she is preparing for her new album ‘This is me…Now’, which she has called ‘Dear Ben’ part II’ and that we are looking forward to hearing. In addition, he has said that he does not believe that the songs are directly dedicated to him but that they are inspired by the relationship they had and still have.

Without a doubt, these words go straight to the list of iconic moments in Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s relationship for how nice it is to talk about the admiration you feel for your partner in public, even if she is not present.

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