They ask for blood donations for a Cuban journalist suffering from end-stage chronic kidney failure

Cuban journalist Hector Lazaro GonzalezSuffering from end stage chronic kidney failure, he needs immediate help to get blood donation as his hemoglobin has reduced significantly.

According to a publication by a journalist and friend of Hector, Monica Barro SanchezThe young man is admitted to the “Hermanos Ameijeras” Clinical Surgical Hospital and his hemoglobin is six, which is why he needs any type of blood donation for blood transfusion.

hector is Admitted to room 7B, bed 22 And his friends appeal for solidarity from Cubans to save his life.

Facebook screenshot/Monica Barro Sanchez

“Hector Lazaro Gonzalez Aguirre’s hemoglobin dropped to 6. Any type of blood donation is required, The hospital changes it. It’s in Amijiras, room 7B, bed 22. Let’s say they’ve come to donate to an HLGA patient,” Baro hinted in his Facebook post.

Gonzalez, 39, suffers from end-stage chronic kidney failure and has been Recently for two surgeries.

However, for this it is necessary to go through Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) Program But the supply in Cuba is insufficient to accommodate the new patients, which is why applications for humanitarian visas are being processed, he told the forum. gofundme,

In June, Help sought to obtain humanitarian visa Which allows you to travel to the United States and access special treatment.

So far They have managed to raise more than 11 thousand dollars to process their visas and travel to the United States, but their situation has worsened.

Monica Barro indicated in recent days that she already has a doctor who will write a letter for Hector and the only thing missing is a sponsor and to continue raising funds.

The journalist, who has been a press correspondent and university professor in China, was diagnosed with the disease in 2018.

He has 21 catheters which have severely damaged his vascular system, to the extent that his main veins are blocked and it is no longer possible to give him dialysis through that route.

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