They assure that Pablo Lyle and his wife have already separated

Who apparently no longer sees the hard but the dense is the actor Paul Lyle, and it is that after staying more than two years under house arrest, in Miami, United States; for participating in a car lawsuit that ended the life of a man, now a new controversy comes into your life.

And it is that according to information published by the program Gossip No Like, the actor and his wife, Ana Araujo, they have been separated for some time, they could even be in divorce proceedings.

But this would not be all, according to the host of said broadcast, Javier Cieranishe was the one who made the decision to separate and leave Lyle in one of his most vulnerable moments: “We are in a position to confirm that the woman he (Pablo Lyle) chose at the altar, Ana Araujo, definitely abandoned her husband. Ana Araujo and Pablo Lyle are separated and planning a divorce “said.

The love between the couple is over

The Argentine explained that one of the reasons for the separation is that Pablo’s career as well as his life have taken a 180-degree turn, and she was not only tired of waiting for him, but also that the situation did not progress.

They even claimed that Ana already has a new partner with which it has been seen in different events and restaurants until they revealed that it could be a famous former soccer playera, who now works as commentator for TUDN: “They have been seen enjoying a Coldplay concert, they were in Puerto Vallarta starting as a couple and in various restaurants in Mexico City,” they detailed.

Pablo Lyle in divorce plans

Apparently, Lyle would already be aware of this whole situation, which has affected him a lot emotionally and has him plunged into a great depression, because his still wife was the only support he had. So far, what is known about Lyle’s legal situation is that he will continue to be held and will have to wait a few months to face the jury who will rule on whether or not he is guilty of ending a person’s life.

Message from Ana Araujo

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