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Teófilo Gutiérrez and his future continue to be the novel of this start of the 2023 League, which is completing its first day without the fate of the striker being known.

Although it was said that his agreement to reinforce Unión Magdalena, a successful team in 2022 and that needs alternatives for Ricardo ‘Caballo’ Márquez, finally, according to the largest shareholder Eduardo Dávila, the signing “fell off” and what before it was given as a fact now “it is very difficult”.

But what if everything was said? The journalist José Hugo Illera gave his version of what could have happened at the last minute: a list of luxurious demands could be the cause of the collapse of the negotiation, which in any case has not been considered finished and could be revived now that the tournament is over. It has begun and time plays against the protagonists.

Apparently, according to journalistic versions, the player would have initially asked for a salary of 100 million pesos per month, an offer from which the Samario team would be far from: it is said that they offered him 25 million plus extra money but that the player did not accept those terms .

Now, in the Junior A Un Click program, Illera assured that it was just one of the curious and expensive demands of the attacker to stamp his signature.

According to the version, Téofilo also requested a piece of land in Santa Marta to build a building facing the sea, in addition to the use of one of his personal yachts and even the helicopter that belongs to the Dávila family, owner of the Unión Magdalena.

Faced with these demands, the club’s managers would have initially withdrawn from the negotiation, although it is said that there is still a possibility of an agreement that the player would be analyzing, although the actual terms are not known.

The truth is that Teófilo is still without a club, that the other option he would have is that of Atlético Bucaramanga, although nothing has crystallized yet either, and that with the League going and he wasting time training and adapting to a new club, when he already He is 37 years old, he is giving advantages.

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