They assure that Will Smith and Jada could divorce after the scandal at the Oscars?

After the controversy unleashed by Will Smith and the slap he gave Chris Rock in the full live broadcast of the Oscars 2022, it is said that the actor could divorce Jada Pinkett definitively and in the “ugliest” way.

A source close to the still couple told Heat Magazine that the tension between them increased after the blow that Smith gave the presenter as a way to defend Jada for talking about his shaved head and making fun of his baldness.

Smith’s outburst cost him his participation and attendance at the Oscars within 10 years following, but also tested the open relationship he has with the mother of his two children.

“Ever since the Oscars scandal, the tensions between them have been palpable,” the source revealed.

“There have been problems for years, but they hardly talk at the moment. If they split up, Will is worth $350 million, of which Jada would be entitled to claim half under California law.”

According to the British publication Okay! Magazine the divorce of both celebrities could be one of the “ugliest in the history of the show” and would last longer than Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, which lasted for more than five years and is considered the longest of all Hollywood.

Initially, it was said that Jada hadn’t been mad at Will. though he “wished he hadn’t had physical contact with the comedian,” a source told U.S. Weekly.

Also, the insider emphasized that Pinkett Smith didn’t want or need Will to defend her from inappropriate comments about her alopecia; however, she would support him with the consequences that his outburst would bring.

“She is not one of those women who needs protection. He didn’t need to do what he did, she didn’t need protection. She’s not a wallflower,” the source shared.

“She is a strong, stubborn woman and she can fight her own battles. But she will be by her side.”


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The problems between the couple have been escalating since 2020, when Jada was outspoken on her show Red Table Talk about his infidelity with R&B singer August Alsina more than five years ago, while they were separated for a while, but still married.

Also, Jada has been harshly criticized for having married to Will when she disagreed and was forced to do so because of her pregnancy with Jaden Smith.

They had previously broken up and gotten together several times until they admitted that they had an open marriage and that more than spouses they would always be “life partners”.

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