They attack Lupillo Rivera for posing kissing his young 26-year-old wife

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In social networks they go with everything to Lupillo Rivera and they attack him for posing kissing his young wife of 26 years. The regional music singer boasted of enjoying a hot vacation on Mexican beaches with Gisell Soto.

Lupillo Rivera, 50, began dating Gisell Soto from Guadalajara in 2020, shortly after they announced their engagement and months later through a press conference the singer confessed that he and his girlfriend were already husband and wife. “She is not my girlfriend. the girl is my wife”, he confessed to the journalists, to whom he suggested to do better their investigative work.

Lupillo Rivera shares a photo of a passionate kiss with his wife

Through his official Instagram account, Lupillo Rivera shared that he is enjoying a well-deserved vacation in Cancun with Gisell Soto. To show off the moment, the brother of Jenni Rivera He published a photograph kissing his young wife, which sparked the opinions of his followers.


Enjoying with you AMORE… It’s another level of fun”, Lupillo Rivera wrote as a caption in the publication that has more than 20 thousand “likes” and hundreds of comments.

The singer’s followers were divided between those who are happy to see him happy next to the young businesswoman and those who make fun of being with a woman almost 25 years younger than him. “Is it your daughter?” Wrote a follower, while someone else put: “For what will last you. after a while it leaves you”.

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