They call him ‘Cockroach’ affectionately since he was little, not because he belongs to a gang: the family of one of those injured during the explosion of the Cristo del Consuelo exempts him from being accused of an attack | Security | News

After the declarations of the Minister of the Interior, Patricio Carrillo, who indicated that the attack that occurred in the Tenth and the H, sector of Cristo el Consuelo known as Calle 8, was directed at a resident identified as alias Cockroachthe family of the man, who was injured in the explosion on Sunday, August 14, made a claim this Monday when the official visited the area to assess the damage.

They demanded that he retract and assured before cameras that Juan Carlos CM had nothing to do with the attack with explosives that killed 5 people and injured 17, in addition to damage to eight homes and two vehicles.

Five people arrested in raids for explosion in Cristo del Consuelo

“Let him say what his source is, let him say what is going to happen to him,” relatives yelled at the minister when they were giving statements to the media.

Rosa Salas, who identified herself as the wife of Juan Carlos CM, clarified that he does not have a criminal record as Minister Carrillo indicated. She maintained that the man has never suffered an attack and ruled out that his spouse has been a victim of extortion by criminal gangs that ask for the so-called “vaccines” in exchange for supposed protection.

The explosion at Tenth and H left 5 dead and 17 wounded.

“We have never filed a complaint, which I am going to review in the Prosecutor’s Office, my husband is a taxi driver,” said the woman who did admit that she also owns one of the dance halls that work in the area in homes, whose windows are covered and where on weekends there are parties until the wee hours of the morning.

“That is his only sin,” said the father of Juan Carlos C., who remains hospitalized. Until Sunday he was in critical condition at the Abel Gilbert Pontón hospital, better known as Guayaquil.

Already this Monday, his wife said that he was improving.

Cockroach They call him affectionately since he was little, not because he belongs to a gang”, clarified the wife of the man who was affected during the attack with explosives.

Minister Carrillo, for his part, replied that the flagrancy had already ended and that he could not give more details so as not to prejudice the investigation by the Prosecutor’s Office.

Despite claims from the family of Cockroachsome residents of Calle 8, who have not wanted to identify themselves, did say that the subject in question has had confrontations in the area because there is no control in the dance hall.

“Imagine what can happen to people who go out drunk and high. Enemy gangs are often found in there and they shoot each other in the street,” commented a neighbor who hopes that alias’s house Cockroach be permanently closed.

The bailadero works in a two-story house whose windows are covered with wood. In the sector, the subject has already had problems with the other neighbors due to the continuous public scandals and because in January 2021 they were sanctioned by the Municipality for a party that took place throughout the street.

Violence at another level: almost 50% of attacks with explosive devices have been reported in Guayaquil so far in 2022

He would have been the one who promoted it and the residents of Calle 8 were fined 2,800 dollars by the Municipality of Guayaquil, money that, they say, no one has paid yet.

The residents even mentioned that on weekends the street is closed and that even residents are charged tolls to let them enter because there is no space. Inside there are parked cars that do not belong to the neighbors and that would belong to those who come to dance in the area. (YO)

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