they can be very serious symptoms

Tiredness and headache are very common symptoms, however – if persistent – they could be associated with a tumor.

When we talk about fatigue and headache, we refer to two symptoms associated with pathologies and disorders of different nature. Most of the time, it’s not a big deal. To get a clear idea of ​​the nature of the symptom, we should analyze our lifestyle. For example, if headaches and fatigue arise after a day of computer work, don’t worry.

Headache and fatigue: symptoms of a tumor (Pexels)
Headache and fatigue: symptoms of a tumor (Pexels)

On the contrary, what should alarm us is the apparent absence of a specific explanation for the symptom: if the headache and fatigue were show up without clear external or internal input, then it is necessary to understand where the disturbance comes from. Among the causes that are less taken into consideration, we cannot fail to refer to pituitary tumora very rare disease that affects just 10% of the population.

Headache and fatigue: symptoms of pituitary cancer

L’pituitary adenoma it is considered a tumor of a benign nature, however – based on the severity of the disease – the latter can seriously affect various processes in our body. What determines the danger of the disease depends on thehormone affected by adenoma. If – for example – it should influence theprolactin hormone, different symptoms could arise depending on the affected gender: in women it can cause a sudden production of milk in the breast, in men erectile impotence. In addition, in both cases there may be a sudden weight loss.

Symptoms of Pituitary Cancer (Pexels)
Symptoms of Pituitary Cancer (Pexels)

In addition to the hormone prolactin, pituitary adenoma can cause an overproduction ofgrowth hormone. This represents one of the most serious aspects of the disease, as it involves the disproportionate growth of the bones of the face, hands and feet. Finally, should the latter hit the TSH (thyrotropin hormone), the symptoms will be summarized in alteration of the sleep-wake rhythm, tachycardia, weight loss and emotional instability.

In short, we are talking about a tumor that does not have a specific symptomatology and that it changes depending on the person involved. However, we must remember that physical discomfort always has an origin, so – in the face of headaches, fatigue and persistent symptoms, it is always better to ask for a consultation and clarification from your basic beggar.

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