They capture Gerard Piqué with his new girlfriend at dawn on Thursday, but where is the photo

They say that Gerard Piqué has a new girlfriend. They say that he has been seen with her at dawn on Thursday in Catalonia. They say he goes out partying with her. They say she is blonde. They say she is 22 years old. They say a lot and it is repeated a lot, but to this day there is not a single photograph that confirms the infidelity of the central defender of Barcelona FC. To this day there is no image that shows that everything that is said is true. Ah, but they do say that many have already seen them.

Yes. Shakira and Gerard Piqué are separated. Yes, the Colombian accepted it through a statement shared with the EFE news agency. Yes, Gerard Piqué no longer has the keys to the house, now he must ring the bell to enter. Yes, it’s all over. But there is still no photo implicating him with another woman.

Now, despite the above and with the rise of social networks, it is striking that today there is not a single picture that confirms the romance. There is nothing that exposes this new friend or lover of Piqué. And this makes it difficult for many to believe, especially since if they are in public places, who does not have a cell phone with a camera? Everything is very strange.

In the Mamarazzi podcast of El Periódico de Catalunya they say that Piqué and the 22-year-old girl were seen inside the vehicle of Shakira’s ex. But again, the image is still not out. They explain that no one has seen her yet, because he is protecting her from her. “Her environment wants to protect her. Piqué, too”, they highlighted.

In said podcast they also added that they did not know the nature of this relationship: “But we do know that it is important enough for the player not to be seen together. This makes us think that this relationship would continue. In addition, it would be more special than we initially imagined.”

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