They cleaned a Florida beach with a metal detector and an ancient object was discovered

John Porcella was in the middle of cleaning up Flager Beach in Florida, when he came across a surprising object. Going through the place with his metal detector, discovered an artifact that became further evidence that the ocean holds many surprises in its depths. Erosion caused a metal anchor belonging to an ancient ship to be exposed near the dock.

Immediately, the County Historical Society came with a group of seven people to get the anchor out of there, but the tide did not allow them. Since their attempts failed, they opted to cover it up so it wouldn’t get damaged while they devised a plan to secure it. It was a vestige that astonished them, it measured almost two meters and its weight was approximately half a ton or a ton.

The anchor measures just over two meters and weighs approximately half a ton
The anchor measures just over two meters and weighs approximately half a tonFlager Live

It is not yet known when the article dates from, but it is hoped that once the specialists have it in their hands they can take measurements and take it to a laboratory to analyze its origin more in depth. The most important thing is to pay attention to the angles of the fins. “And if there is any wood left, we could take samples to find out its species,” explained Airielle Cathers, officer of the St. Augustine Lighthouse Maritime Archaeological Program (LAMP), in statements collected by Flager Live.

Moving the anchor turned out to be a difficult task, a situation that has already caused concern among experts because they considered that the current will not take long to take it away. “It will probably hold for a few more days,” Mackenzie Tabeling, the team’s maritime archaeologist, also told reporters. Flager Live.

In that sense, the plan of the rescue team is to leave her in the sea or even bury her, since removing it and then keeping it would mean a significant investment of resources for the state of Florida. “Any historic object found on Florida land, including beaches, is owned by the state of Florida by law, so we work with the state archaeologist to determine what we can and cannot do at the site,” he added. Catchers.

The anchor will most likely remain in the sea and Catchers said it’s a good solution for them: “A lot of times, if they can’t get funding to remove the anchor and then keep it, then the best thing for that object is to leave it buried. Conservation requires tens of thousands, sometimes millions of dollars to complete and if that conservation process is not carried out, things like anchors and cannons will rot and turn to dust.”

The metal anchor in Florida was buried by experts to preserve it
The metal anchor in Florida was buried by experts to preserve itFlager Live

And it is that the findings like the one of this anchor are not entirely rare, in the past some similar ones occurred. While they are vintage items that could give an indication of age, this is not always the case. “We do not know if there are remains of wood, if it is connected to another ship (…), if it is a shipwreck or simply disjointed artifacts, those of shipwrecks arise from tragedy for the most part. Therefore, it must be taken into account that lives may have been lost in that event”, concluded Airielle Cathers.

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