They close the bank account of this consulate in Miami

One of the most active Latino consulates in Miami, due to the number of nationals residing in that city, is that of the Dominican Republic, which announced this week the closure of its bank account at Bank of America, although it denied that the reason was any investigation against him.

According to press reports, Vice Consul Saghíe Balcácer Kury reported that “the Consulate General of the Dominican Republic in Miami is not being investigated nor is it aware of any investigation being carried out in relation to this issue.”

It added that in April of this year Bank of America notified the diplomatic headquarters about the “termination of commercial relations and the closure of the account and banking services” that both parties maintained.

The diplomat said that this is a “routine” process of said institution and that it is something that is established when opening an account in said bank. “Either party can unilaterally withdraw from the relationship at any time with or without notice,” she explained.


However, the Dominican Consulate in Miami immediately notified the State Department of that country of the situation, because this would affect its services in that city. They explained that they are not the only consulate with this limitation, since “other countries” have been affected and are going through the same thing.

Following this irrevocable decision by Bank of America, the Consulate General of the Dominican Republic in Miami was forced to open its accounts in another financial institution.

“Routine operation of banks? I doubt it. No one closes an account for a routine operation. Some strange macuteo was there”, “That is strange, there is something behind that bank decision, many complaints perhaps from users” or “Surely they had already taken everything”, were some of the comments after learning this information.

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