They compare a TikToker from the capital to actress Mia Khalifa

Drafting.- Internet users of the TikTok social network confirmed that Honduran Nishme Jir bears a striking resemblance to adult film actress Mia Khalifa.

There are more than 262 thousand followers of Chinese origin on the platform of the capital. she shares personal blog accomplishShe also dances with her friends on the trends of that time.

There are thousands of views, likes and comments on his videos. For the most part, her followers compare her to the famous actress of Lebanese-American descent.

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In one of her most viral videos, which has received more than 2.6 million likes so far, you can read among more than 58,000 comments: “Mia Khalifa Latina”, “It’s not her, but there’s a lot of resemblance”. eg: “He has his little strut”, “Iguelitas, what a wonderful presence.”

In this video, most of the reactions of internet users refer to the similarity that Honduras presents with the Caliphate. however, Nishme Jeer He ignores the comparisons of his followers.

Furthermore, Catracha shows off his sculpted body in different profiles Social Networks.

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new stage

Apparently, the beautiful Katracha Nishme Jeer is starting her new university phase and she said that she will miss her old phase.

However, the Honduran didn’t reveal much about the professional career he is pursuing on his social network.

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