They confirm that one of the bodies found in Villa Nueva corresponds to the clown Chispita

After more than a month of uncertainty, the family of Joselin Chacón Lobo, known as Chispita, finally confirmed that one of the bodies found last Thursday in the Luz de Cristo settlement, Villa Lobos 2, zone 12 of that municipality corresponds to the little clown

Victoria de los Ángeles Lobo, mother of Joselin Chacón, Chispita, went this Friday, July 1, to the morgue of the National Institute of Forensic Sciences (Inacif), to identify the bodies of her daughter and her son-in-law Nelson Villatoro Escobar, known as Charquito.

The mother and the rest of the family had to wait more than nine hours to enter the morgue and finally confirmed that one of the bodies located in the area corresponded to her daughter.

Moments of pain were experienced outside the morgue, when Victoria de los Ángeles left the morgue to confirm to the rest of her relatives that the body found was indeed her daughter’s.

Meanwhile, it is still pending confirmation if the other body found in Villa Nueva is that of Nelson Villatoro Escobar, known as Charquito.

At the place where the bodies were found, the authorities had found clothing, shoes and material related to the work of clowns carried out by the husbands. In addition, they would have found the couple’s Personal Identification Documents.

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The Volunteer Firefighters reported that, to recover the bodies, they had to dig to a depth of about six meters.

Victoria de los Ángeles Lobo, in black, cries with another daughter, the death of Joselin Chacón Lobo, Chispita, in the morgue. (Free Press Photo: Érick Ávila)

More than a month missing

Nelson Villatoro Escobar and Joselin Chacón Lobo, husband and wife known as Charquito and Chispita, disappeared on May 9 and since then their family had not rested to find the whereabouts of the couple.

Both disappeared after giving a show in Escuintla and headed to Guatemala City for another night event, but never returned to their home in Amatitlán.

On Thursday, June 9, it was a month since the disappearance and Victoria de los Ángeles Lobo, Chispita’s mother, shared a post on Facebook to express her anguish over what was happening.

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“Today a month and nothing is known about them, I can no longer bear this pain, I will never smile again, they took a part of my heart, the other part of my heart is with my little children, I love them wherever they are, and I ask my God, to touch the hearts of the people who have them or who know where they are, so that by means of an anonymous call they tell me where they are please, “he expressed on Facebook at that time.

Vernick Pleitez, from the Chaplaincy confirms the identification of Joselin Chacón. (Free Press Video: Henry Montenegro)

March by pair of clowns

In a march on May 30, Lobo indicated that the day the spouses disappeared, it was a subcontractor who contacted the couple for the supposed event they were going to cover.

On May 13, clown associations and unions joined the search and demanded that the authorities find his whereabouts. They also organized events to raise food and funds for the families of the disappeared.

On May 14, the Public Ministry reported that all the necessary investigations were carried out to determine the whereabouts of the couple, who were known by their artistic names such as “Charquito” and “Chispita”.

Juan Luis Pantaleón, spokesman for the MP, reported on that occasion that the investigation began after the activation of the Isabel Claudina Alert for Joselin Chacón Lobo and after a complaint was filed for the disappearance of Nelson Villatoro Escobar.

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