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The Postal Police communicated the contents of a dangerous email. Citizens need to be very careful. Here’s what could happen.

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We know well how the digital world is full of pitfalls and traps. Users can never rest assured. Any communication can be suspicious and have serious consequences. The most used methods are lo smishing and the phishing. The first is done via SMS while the second via email. And it is precisely the latter that led to an urgent communication from the Police post.

As we know, i cybercriminals they stop at nothing. They manage to send communications on behalf of many entities. Let’s think about Italian post or give it credit institutions. Now the attempt bears the name of the Guarantor Authority for children and adolescents.

This attempt led to an urgent communication from the Postal and Communications Police. A real campaign of phishing that could get citizens into trouble. Let’s go and see the content of these emails and the danger they run.

Postal Police, beware of phishing attempts: here is the content of the email

The communication also concerns the content of the email. It all happens under a false summons of the Police post. Inside you can find a attachment which can be opened. Once opened, the unfortunate could believe of be under judicial investigation. Which could lead to contact the scammers.

In case of direct contact with criminals there could also be there disclosure of personal data. In fact, scammers may require some undue payments. Or, ultimately, spreading viruses in the victim’s device. In summary, it is clearly a scam. In the presence of such a communication, there must be a report to the Postal Police.

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Of course, we always recommend delete these emails. Don’t get in touch with scammers e do not provide their personal data. As we know, always lend the due attention to any communication arrived. This is then used to avoid consequences that can be very heavy.

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