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The Ministry of the Interior (Mingob) strengthened the operational capabilities of the Civil national police (PNC) through the graduation of 2534 agents who were part of the LIV Basic Course promotion.

This generation will bear the name of Mynor Aníbal Morales Calat, an agent who died in the line of duty. May we never forget that in Guatemala there are heroes in uniform who give their lives to defend the citizens”, commented the President of the Republic during the act that took place at the Training School for Police Officers, in zone 6 of the capital.

In detail, there are 1,972 men and 562 women, who for 6 months were trained in the academies of Santa Rosa, Huehuetenango and Guatemala, under the theme of respect for human rights, laws and community outreach.

These new agents join the ranks of the PNC within the framework of the Police Transformation Strategy, and must serve Guatemalans with commitment, honesty, and responsibility.”, reported the Minister of the Interior.

It was indicated that these police officers will be deployed to different police stations and assigned to specialized units starting next February, with the aim of reinforcing the work of citizen security and combating crime at the national level.

The head of state stressed that women who have recently graduated will be part of a project to care for victims of violence. The uniformed women will be trained and will be in charge of receiving complaints and following up on cases involving said crimes. It was recalled that it is planned to implement these spaces in all police stations.


A thousand uniformed men add up to the operational security forces.

The president announced that starting next month the entire PNC payroll will have an improvement of Q600, which will be applied directly to the salary, in order to strengthen the benefits of labor liabilities. “In 2007 there was an increase of Q107 and since then there has not been a salary increase”, he highlighted.

In addition to this benefit, the president explained that the improvement of conditions will continue, offering food and providing adequate spaces for the development of functions. It will also give way to the professionalization of officers, with a three-year course that will begin in the coming weeks.

Work closely with the population. Wear that uniform with pride, because you represent law and order.“, Republic President.

Luis Carrillo Photographer: Danilo Ramírez

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