They create a robotic arm that can be controlled with the mind


Choi, a 17-year-old teenager, has created a robotic arm capable of being controlled with his mind. How does it work?

The improvement of robotics does not stop surprising us over the years. In the past, we linked this technology to the industrial world, while the cinema and, why not say it, the solutions present today, are making us change our vision. Are robots our future travel companions in our daily lives? draw attention the multiple functions that are being developed within the research community.

In addition, inventions and technological developments increasingly take place at younger ages. The latest example of this is shown to us by a young man of only 17 years of age, who has been able to create his own robotic arm configured to carry out actions as a copy of his arm. If it’s about a new robotic arm that stands outon the other hand, for having state-of-the-art artificial intelligence solutions, thus allowing it to have more functions.

In fact, it does not have a specific programming that must be activated manually to carry out the movements. On this occasion, the system itself based on deep learning has allowed this technology to have a certain autonomy. When making movements the waves emitted by the brain are analyzed in order to make a decision. There is a certain time lag, but the result looks amazing.

Let’s see, therefore, how this technology works in more detail, why it is an innovation that can open a new way of development robotics and, of course, what are the keys to understanding the ins and outs of this differential solution in the sector. Are we facing a unique moment in the development of robotic bodies?

A robotic arm with state-of-the-art solutions in the industry

It is not the first time that we see a technology of these characteristics, it is true. In fact, in the past we could even see models specialized in the kitchen. This, however, is very different, since the control of the actions of the apparatus through the analysis of our mind is what makes this solution unique. And yes, a 17-year-old teenager has done it.

He has managed to finish it, moreover, with very rudimentary means. It all started in the midst of a pandemic, where his study center had closed and he had a lot of free time. After taking a look at a documentary about a brain implant, he thought that these types of robotic arms might be too dangerous. Thanks to his sister’s 3D printer, from a price of only 75 dollars, decided to create his own model. The problem is that the machine could not make large parts.

For this reason, Choi decided to create smaller parts, which was annexed with bolts in order to have, at least with the hardware. As can be seen in the images, a very interesting result could be achieved, since the joints themselves would be very important in the future finished model. Now, what about the brain connection between Choi and this robotic arm?

Thanks to his previous experience in programming, he began to make his first tests in terms of coding. In addition, he had been very interested in this topic, having learned to program Python and C ++ by watching videos on Stack Overflow, according to information provided by Smithsonian. This was what gave life to the project that has become today, which has earned him a place in the highly prestigious contest in United States.

A robotic arm that carries out orders from the person with its mind

The first thing that draws attention to this robotic arm is its design, which took up to 30 hours to print. In addition, it has its own artificial intelligence system, a technology capable of interpreting the user’s brain waves. According to Choi himself, all the equipment should have a production cost of no more than 300 dollars, something that could be highly viable in the market for the performance of certain functions.

A 17-year-old boy has designed an incredible robot arm that he can control with his mind

Choi is the teenager who has managed to produce his own robotic arm. Science News for Students

On the other hand, the material used to create the robotic arm has great resistance. In fact, it is speculated that it could withstand a force equivalent to 4 tons of weight. This technology stands out for having a system that uses two electrodes: a sensor that is attached to the earlobe and another to the forehead, which collects EEG data. Both technologies, together, are responsible for detecting the movements of the mind through the analysis of brain waves.

Regarding the algorithm, it is important to note that has 23,000 lines of code, which are spread over 978 pages of math and seven completely new subalgorithms. Choi’s algorithm works with an average accuracy of 95%, thus becoming one of the most outstanding technologies in the field of special prosthetics.

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