They cut off his paws and leave him in the woods, a Russian dog saved in extremis returns to life thanks to four prostheses

Nobody knows anything about his past. But his fate now seemed to be sealed: when this dog was found by volunteers in a forest near Krasnodar, a city in southern Russia, his paws were bloody stumps. He would have bled to death there, of hypothermia or exhaustion if they had not found him in time and taken him to the refuge, where he met for the first time the caring of the volunteer Alla Leonkina.

It seems that someone has cruelly and intentionally sliced ​​off his legs and then left there to die. It is a female, between two and four years of age, with a body already marked by stray life, ready to turn the page and rewrite a new chapter in her life.

Thanks to a generous crowdfunding campaign, the dog – now called Monika – embarked on a 4,000-kilometer journey by plane to the Siberian clinic in Gorshkov, where she underwent a life-changing surgery two weeks ago. Four 3D printed titanium implants were applied to her and “luck and experience played their part,” admitted Sergei Gorshkov, the veterinarian who performed the demanding operation.

The veterinary orthopedist has already applied artificial limbs to more than 30 animals, including a quadruple transplant on a cat, but this was the first time he had attempted such an operation on a dog with all its legs severed. An intervention that will change Monika’s life, allowing her to return to being an active and lively dog, with all the freedom she deserves to have, surrounded by the love of a real family.

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