They determine the cause for the arrest of José “Piculín” Ortiz for an incident that occurred in front of his restaurant in Lajas

A judge of the Court of Mayagüez determined on Monday night, cause for arrest on two counts against Jose “Piculin” Ortiz, after a citizen reported that he pointed a pneumatic weapon at him and caused damage to his vehicle, in events that occurred in front of the pizzeria owned by the former basketball player in La Parguera, in Lajas.

The charges for which cause was found were for violation of the Weapons Law, for carrying and using a knife; and for damages, under the Penal Code.

The fiscal Marilisa Jimenez He had also filed charges for carrying, transporting or using firearms without a license in pneumatic mode; and by threats.

“The Public Ministry will evaluate if it is raised for the other charges”reported the Department of Justice.

The judge Marguerite Gaudier Lavergne He set a bond of $5,000, which he would be providing through a private bondsman. The preliminary hearing was scheduled for July 22.

Piculin reacts

After the Court’s decision, the small businessman expressed himself about the event on social networks.

“Grateful for your concern and great support from good friends. I ask you for the necessary space for me, but, above all, for my family”pray the brief statements.

Ortiz maintained that, by legal recommendation, he would not make comments so as “not to affect the ongoing investigation.”

According to the preliminary investigation by the authorities, the events were reported at 1:30 am today, Monday, at the business vintage pizza.

The complaint of aggravated assault and damage was filed with the Police by a man identified as Jose Vargas Dominicciresident of Yauco.

According to the complaint, Piculín pointed a firearm at him that he described as a “black gun,” and that caused damage to his 2019 Jeep Wrangler vehicle with a brown rubber band. Police later established that it was from a pneumatic or compressed air gun.

“He (Ortiz) alleges that the boys were parked in front of his establishment without authorization… He alleged that he felt uncomfortable”the agent told him ariel rodriguezwho attended the complaint, to Telenoticias, from Telemundo.

Rodríguez pointed out that parking lots are usually public areas. In addition, he added that it would be about six young people between 18 and 24 years old.

The authorities would have seized the pneumatic weapon with which Ortiz allegedly threatened Vargas Dominicci, as well as the brown rubber one that he used to allegedly damage the vehicle.

Ortiz went to the Lajas barracks, after the prosecutor Gerardo Martinezof the Mayagüez Prosecutor’s Office, will order the parties to be summoned at 1:00 p.m.

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