they discuss the 7 of Siliconera and its motivations –

He’s making the 7 given by Siliconera to the PC version of God of War. In particular, his motives are being discussed. To write the article was the journalist Dani Maddox, who according to what is reported by the moderator of the site, specializes in action role-playing games and action games in general.

L’item itself begins by talking about the goodness of the port of the Sony Santa Monica game on PC, and then enters a question that is obviously particularly close to Maddox’s heart, namely the relationship between Kratos and Atreus, transformed at the heart of the entire review: “Seeing Kratos reach out to comfort his son, only to pull back and go back to teaching him how to be a warrior, however, took me away from the emotionality of the scene. Moments between Kratos and Atreus that aren’t filled with aggression seem almost undeserved. Kratos must be strong. He cannot afford to show weaknesses at times that could cost him and his son their lives.

I wish Kratos were more deserving of his son’s love and respect. I also wished that the moments when he tries to be a good father, only to pull back, weren’t so prevalent.

However, it was not the text of the review itself that triggered the controversy, but the vote given and one of the reasons for the same written in the final summary: “Kratos is a gruff and aloof father who may not satisfy that stares in search of a more lovable game.

Comments on this have multiplied, with some calling this review a negative spike for the industry, worse than IGN’s “Too much water”, and others accusing Maddox of not finishing the game before writing her own. piece. Of course, there was no lack of sexist insults, which tied her judgment of the game to being a woman, and there were many who stressed the political nature of the piece.

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