They do tourism in Honduras! Italian legend Francesco Totti and his family vacation in paradisiacal Roatán


As usual, Honduras welcomes hundreds of foreign tourists to its beautiful beaches, and on this occasion it hosted a soccer legend, Francesco Totti.

The eternal ’10’ of the Rome from Italy and champion of World Cup 2006 The paradisiacal island of Roatán was summoned, together with his entire family, to enjoy the first days of 2023.

Emilio Izaguirre was photographed with the former Italian soccer player Francesco Totti.

Totti, 46 years old and retired from football since 2017, shared with the ex-figure from Catracha Emilio Izaguirre, staying in the West Bay hotel zone and with whom he was photographed. This image was uploaded to the Instagram of the Sports Director of Motagua.

Although Totti has remained discreet on social networks about his visit to Honduras, his daughter Chanel He has posted stories from his time on Roatán, showcasing the beauty of the resort island.

Chanel Totti, 17, has fun with the West Bay area's beloved monkey.

Last week, the Mexican influencer and vlogger Juanpa Zurita he also made it known that he enjoyed adventures in the same city.

In July 2022, the Canadian basketball player Andrew Wiggins chose to relax in Cayos Cochinos and the Garífuna community of corozalweeks after winning the NBA championship.

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