They don’t shut up! The most devastating answers of the famous to macho questions

Although the famous have always been very cautious on the red carpets and during the interviews they have given, they have a limit… And that limit has been exceeded on many occasions. Although the intention is not to make them feel bad, there are certain questions that have to be avoided. Ester Expósito, Edurne and more international celebrities such as Rihanna, Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Garner, among many others, They have stood up to macho questions with the best zascas ever and for having. None of them has lost elegance when faced with unpleasant situations and we have been amazed by their know-how!

Maggie Civantos

Pablo Motos has starred in scenes of all kinds on the set of ‘El Hormiguero’, situations in which he has had real devastating blows. But, without a doubt, Maggie Civantos did not cut a hair when answering a macho question from the presenter.

“We talked about the series right away, but we were discussing something in the hallway and I want to ask you out of the blue. It’s a question that everyone apparently asks themselves about girls. Do you know how to dance reggaeton?, Pablo Motos released to ‘Las chicas del cable’, the guests that day to space. A question to which the protagonist of ‘Vis a Vis’ was quick to react with all the sense of humor that characterizes her: “Everyone should dance reggaeton, it’s good for your health.”

In networks, a great debate originated and many of the users of the social network soon exploded against Pablo Motos: “Right now the girls are divided between those who know how to twerk and those who do not know how to twerk.” Maggie, for her part, replied: “But men too, it’s not a gender issue.”

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson has also been the victim of a macho question. During an interview in full promotion of ‘The Avengers’, the actress experienced an unfortunate setback against one of the journalists due to the dress she had chosen for the occasion: “Can you wear an undergarment with that outfit?”… The interpreter was shocked by what she had just heard and refused to answer while the journalist continued to insist: “Don’t you think it’s okay that I ask you about it?”

The situation became extremely uncomfortable for Scarlett and she got tired of always being asked the same question: “Ask someone if she’s wearing panties? What kind of interview is this? He is the fifth person to ask me. He is a one-piece model adjusted to my body, “the American ended.

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway managed to win the Oscar for best supporting actress for her role in ‘Les Miserables’. She is one of the most recognized actresses worldwide and also suffers setbacks as a human being that she is. Precisely, a small carelessness when getting out of a car during the filming of the film was the trigger for Anne to respond emphatically to a journalist who tried to make her feel bad: “We have seen a lot of you lately, what lesson have you learned from that moment?”, a question for which she did NOT remain silent: “It saddens me that we live in a society that is dedicated to trafficking in the sexual aspects of people without their consent. which reminds me of The Miserables, because that’s just what my character does. He is someone who is forced to prostitute himself to feed his son, because he is very poor.”

Emma Stone

Like Anne Hathaway, Emma Stone also faced a forgettable moment in 2015 during the traditional Oscar nominees luncheon. “You are as beautiful as always,” a journalist complimented her while the protagonist of ‘La La Land’ got tired of always receiving the same comments, since on many occasions people have worried more about her physical appearance than her job: “Oh thank you. That’s all that matters”.


And not only the most international celebrities face this type of issue, the national ones as well. Edurne had a small row with the journalist and socialite Álvaro Ojeda since he began to be more interested in her partner, David de Gea, and not really for her, who was at the event at that precise moment: “And for my sake you don’t ask me that I am the one who is here”Said the singer holding the type.

Álvaro defended himself from Edurne’s rebuke, making it clear that he only talked about politics and sport, something for which the Manchester United footballer’s girlfriend exploded beautifully: “Well then I’m not going to talk to you”he released point blank, leaving him with the word in his mouth.

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad is well known for being contestants on reality shows, such as ‘The Hills’ and also for being a fashion businesswoman with a long history behind her. In 2012, ten years ago, during a radio interview she was asked about her favorite position in bed and her answer was totally surprising: “The one I have when I sit at the CEO’s table”. BOOM!

ester foundling

Ester Expósito also had to stand up to Álvaro Ojeda after an embarrassing question. First, the journalist joked with the young woman by telling her that he did not know who she was. The ‘Elite’ actress began to detail his extensive resume but the worst of all was when the Andalusian made a comparison of the outfit chosen for the event with the Disney world: “The princes would put on palote.” Immediately, Ester was shocked to hear him and did not hesitate to give him a look of absolute contempt.. If looks could kill…

Rose McGowan

If Rose McGowan is characterized by something, it is by the amount of change of looks that she has experienced throughout her life. The protagonist of ‘Charmed’ has transformed her hair countless times and she still keeps in her retina the unpleasant comment that her agent made of her when she was not yet of legal age: “When I did my first movie, my agent told me that I needed to grow my hair long so that the men in Hollywood would want to fuck me and would hire me. He told me that when I was 17 years old.”he told a television program publicly showing the rejection that men like this cause him.

Mayim Bialik

Mayim Bialik has gained great fame and prestige for her role in ‘The Big Band Theory’. The actress has given life to Amy for many seasons and precisely for this character she was ridiculed by a reporter on the red carpet at the 2014 SAG Awards: “Surely there are many people who must think that you can solve a calculation operation in tenths of a second like Amy”… She didn’t cut herself, and she gave him the most epic cut of all, making it clear that he is not only a brainiac in fiction, but also in real life: “Well, the truth is that I have had to study calculus for several years. I’m a neuroscientist”


Rihanna has also left answers and zascas for the memory. The singer is a woman without mincing words and during a talk with the press in 2014 she was asked about the qualities she looks for in a man. And her response was GOLD: “For starters, I don’t need no man.”

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift also knocked out a journalist for a super nasty (and sexist) question during a Grammy Awards: “Tonight you’re going to come home with more than a trophy, maybe with a lot of men?” Although the singer has always been very cautious with the responses and everything she says to the public, this time she knew how to get out of trouble with elegance: “I’m not going home with any man. I’m going out with my friends and coming home to my cats.”

Do you want to know what other epic zascas have made history? We tell you ALL!

jennifer garner

Jennifer Garner has always been asked, like many women, about how she balances taking care of her children with her professional projects. A question that has never been asked of her ex-husband, Ben Affleck.

The actress is not willing to tolerate this type of situation and during a speech she wanted to speak openly about (in her opinion) the reviled role of women in Hollywood and how men are not riddled with questions of these characteristics: “Each of those who interviewed me, and I mean everyone, asked me if I balance personal life with work life, but nobody asked Ben this question and we share the same family. No Is it time to change the conversation a bit?

Cara Delevingne

The face is the mirror of the soul and Cara Delevingne knows what we are talking about. The actress starred in the movie ‘Ciudades de papel’ and was asked if she had read the book on which the production was based. However, they assumed that her co-star had read it to her and asked her directly what she thought of the novel and what she had concluded.

The model was perplexed by what she was seeing and her attitude changed radically with the journalist. Something for which he followed: “You seem a bit irritated. We’ll let you take a little nap or we’ll get you a Red Bull.” Cara, for her part, just wanted the interview to end as soon as possible.

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