They eat instant noodles: two children died

Two kids I’m died shortly after eating instant noodles. Keamogetswe Makofane, 13, and her sister Thato Makofane, 9, began to experience severe stomach pain after eating the noodles, prompting the family to take them to the hospital.

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At the emergency room in Mpumalanga, South Africa, their conditions worsened and in the end they died within a week of each other. The causes of death are not yet known, now the police are investigating the case and first of all they expect the autopsy results that will show with certainty the reason that triggered such a tragedy.

A similar incident occurred just a week earlier in the Eastern Cape, where two children died after eating noodles all the time. Sinothando Ngwendu, 11, Olwam Ngwendu, 7, bought the noodles in a convenience store while visiting their grandparents. The two cousins ​​felt ill shortly after and despite the rush to the hospital there was nothing for them to do either

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