They filter a new PlayStation exclusive that will bring back the popular saga

Various sources claim that PlayStation has prepared an event for May. The company has yet to confirm rumors about its presentation; However, there are already leaks of announcements that will be in the show, which is supposed to take place at the end of the month.

One of the industry’s most trusted insiders has just revealed details of an upcoming exclusive product. Information about Billbil-kun indicates that ASOBI team will be at the event with a new part of the popular saga.

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New delivery AstroBot would be on the way

Astro Bot will return to the next PlayStation event
Astro Bot will return to the next PlayStation event

According to the details, the ASOBI team is preparing to present a new game AstroBot. The saga goes back to Game room and continued with Astrobot Rescue Mission. Later he arrived Playroom Astrowhich showed advantages PlayStation 5 and its DualSense.

The report indicates that it is highly likely that the new game will be called simply AstroBot and that it’s only planned for PlayStation 5. That would mean it wouldn’t be a PS VR2 game, so I wouldn’t bet on VR.

At the moment there is no estimated launch date, but the insider claims that its official presentation will be soon. next 15 days. This indicates that this will be one of the announcements of the rumored event Game consolewhich has not yet been confirmed.

Finally, it is mentioned that Astro will be accompanied by a new character in the form of a robot fox. In addition, it is reported that part of the game will take place in desert levels.

Although Billbil-kun is one of the most reliable sources in the industry, his report is a mere rumor at this time. In 2020 and 2023, there were rumors about a new part of the saga; However, neither PlayStation nor the ASOBI team have confirmed this.

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