They filter images of Bad Bunny kissing Gael García and the networks explode

The photographs were leaked on social networks, where several followers of Bad Bunny were impressed by the passionate kiss that occurs with the Mexican actor.

They filter images of Bad Bunny kissing Gael García and the networks explode

They filter images of Bad Bunny kissing Gael García and the networks explode | Font: diffusion

Bad Bunny has recently surprised his fans after a completely shocking moment was leaked on networks, where the Puerto Rican singer passionately kisses the act Gael Garcia Bernal. The images that have recently circulated have shaken the internet, so many are wondering how this special scene happened. Given this, here we tell you everything.

Bad Bunny and his passionate kiss with Gael García

Through social networks, several photographs were leaked where the Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny gives a passionate kiss with the Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal.

This situation has baffled many, who, not knowing the context, are amazed by this show of affection between the two, mainly because the ‘Bad Rabbit’ has been having a romance for some years with Gabriela Berlingeri.

Although it is rumored that the couple is estranged, and even rumors indicate that Bad Bunny and the influencer have an open relationship, these revealing images between the interpreter of ‘Titi Me Preguntó’ and the renowned actor have turned the entire internet around and a half.

Is Bad Bunny producing a gay romance series for Netflix?

The real reason for the kiss between Bad Bunny and Gael García

Well, given all the controversy that unleashed the leaks, the origin of these photographs was revealed some time later, revealing that Bad Bunny Y Gale Garcia Bernal they would have had this special moment due to the film “Cassandro ‘El exótico’”.

This film is inspired by the life of Saúl Armendariz, a renowned gay wrestler, who will be played by the Mexican actor, in which the Puerto Rican singer will also participate.

It should be noted that, at the moment, it is not known what the role of Bad Bunny in the film, but taking into account the world stature of the singer, he may have an important job within it.

The film directed by the Oscar winner, Roger Ross Williams, will arrive sometime in 2023, and will be released by the Prime Video platform.

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