They filter photos of Amber Heard and Cara Delevingne kissing

The photos allegedly showing Amber Heard And Cara Delevingne kissing in an elevator. They have become viral all over the Internet!

The nature of the couple’s relationship has become a topic of conversation in recent weeks, when Heard fought in court with ex-husband Johnny Depp during his libel trialprompting fans to investigate every aspect of both stars’ personal lives.

“Exclusive photos” of Heard and Delevingne hugging and kissing in his program from YouTube Popcorned Planet.

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The un verified images show two women standing in an elevator, which Signore said it was in the Eastern Columbia building in the center of Los Angeles, where Heard and Depp had shared a penthouse during their ill-fated relationship.

In the grainy footage, which appears to have been taken by a security camera, Heard allegedly puts her arm around Cara Delevingne before leaning in for a kiss.

As of yet, the date the photos were taken has not been provided, though they were quickly shared on social media in the hours after they were unveiled.

In May, a friend of Heard said the star of Aquaman had a sexual threesome with Delevingne and Elon Musk while still married to Depp.

The explosive resurgence testimony that Joshua Drew gave in November 2019 was not used during the recent trial that involved Heard and Depp, but was shared on social networks.

He said he had seen Heard yell at Depp many times.but that he had never seen her hit him.

The statement shown in the courtroom appeared to be edited as the timestamp at the bottom of the screen jumped.

One moment not included in court, but previously made public, was when Drew explained that Pennington told him about a passionate affair with Elon and Cara involving Heard.

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Musk has openly denied the accusation. “Cara and I are friends, but we have never been intimate. She would confirm it,” he told Page Six.

The Tesla CEO also wanted to reiterate that his relationship with Heard only started after she and Depp broke up.

“Also, I want to confirm again that Amber and I only started dating about a month after she filed for divorce. I don’t think I was ever close to Amber during their marriage,” Musk said.

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