They filter the first image of Michael Keaton in ‘Beetlejuice 2’

The sexiest undead of the underworld is back and it stars the same actor, Michael Keaton, and a few other actors reprise Winona Ryder. At this point and after many Ryder and Jenna Ortega photos leaked, we’re left wondering what Keaton would look like with makeup years later. As always, the Internet has come to our aid.

Following the end of the SAG-AFTRA strikes, progress in production has become apparent, with other projects such as a second season being revealed on social networks as well. Wednesday, Ortega, best known for her role in the latter series, joins the cast as the daughter of Lydia Dietz, played again by Ryder. This reunion of classic and new characters promises to be a milestone for fans of the original 1988 film.

filtration, which first not confirmed Until he suddenly disappeared from X (Twitter) and Reddit Copyright infringementCome on, this is part of the film. It can still be seen in some publications by some savvy horror fans who have resorted to word play to avoid attracting too much attention.

Another detail will also confirm you authenticity And the costume of the man being injected with the Beetlejuice truth serum matches Justin Theroux’s costume, another actor on set, as seen below.

new and old artists

beetlejuice 2 Not only brings back beloved characters, but also introduces new personalities, such as beetlejuice’s wife, played by Monica Bellucci. The sequel promises to be a bridge between generations, honoring the legacy of the original film while introducing new elements. Directed by Tim Burton, beetlejuice 2 It is emerging as one of the most anticipated films of 2024, keeping the essence of an unforgettable classic alive.

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