They filter the possible character of Emilia Clarke in Marvel

ANDn the coming months a whole series of productions will be arriving that Marvel you already have underway to expand your universe. The MCU is in full production ‘Secret Invasion’, one of the most anticipated series by fans and that could accommodate a large number of characters. One of them will be Emilia Clarkethe mother of dragons in ‘Game of Thrones’.

The Twitter user MyTimeToShineHello He is known for regularly revealing data about this and other productions. Supposedly, Clarke will take on the role of Veranke, the main villain and queen of the Skrull empire.. ‘Secret Invasion’ continues with its recordings and is expected to become one of Marvel’s greatest hits.

Let us remember that in ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ came to light during one of his post-credits scenes that Nick Fury and Maria Hill are actually Skrulls.. The former leader of SHIELD is not on Earth, but runs SWORD in outer space and accompanies Thalosthe leader of the Skrull race that has infiltrated the planet.

This is expected to be the nexus of ‘Secret Invasion’, although it is unknown if the story of the comics, created by Brian Michael Bendis, be used entirely in the seriesalthough it s be an important part of it.

Who is Veranke, the queen of the skrull empire

Emilia Clarke’s possible character is a Skrull with great capabilities and is the one who leads the invasion and conquest of Earth. In the comic, Veranke takes on the appearance of Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) and, in front of the Avengers themselves, organizes a whole plan to take control of the planet.

Although at the moment Marvel has not given details about the main plot or what the exact characters will be that we will see in ‘Secret Invasion’, the filtered images seem to accompany the story that Emilia Clarke will have a crucial weight in the history of the series.

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