They found a missing Cuban citizen in Madruga

Midel Velez Ojeda, a Cuban who has not been heard from since Tuesday morning Madruga Municipalityin the province of MayaBakeAccording to the update his mother posted on social networks, he was in good health.

“I thank everyone who has been following my publication today. With the grace of God and your prayers, we finally know about my son,” María de la Caridad Ojeda wrote on Facebook this Friday. “

“He is fine and healthy. I apologize for causing such a worrying day for you.”Added Cuba, which thanked for the assistance received.

Facebook capture/Maria de la Caridad Ojeda

Although María de la Caridad Ojeda did not provide other details about the circumstances or the location where her son was located, a commentator in a publication by Edmundo Dantes Jr. said that Vélez Ojeda was in saint nicholas of bariAnother area of ​​Mayabeque Province.

Facebook screenshot/Edmundo Dantes Jr.

In the publication reporting her son’s disappearance, María de la Caridad Ojeda indicated that His son had left the house since Tuesday morning. And even on this Friday he did not return.

In recent months there have been frequent reports of disappearances of Cubans, as well as the publication of requests for help through social networks to obtain information, amid increasing violence in the country.

Two other missing persons reports in recent days unfortunately ended with its discovery Corpse of an old man in Camagüey and of A young man in Holguín. Both were allegedly murdered.

At this time, the search is active for young Carildi Marin, who He has been missing in Havana since December 14, the day he went to a party in the Cerro Municipality. Since then his family has not heard from him.

In such a situation, the girl’s brother strongly requested that whatever happens If you have any information please contact them. On phone 54291630.

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