They found another shark off the US coast and the scientific community is on alert

Last Monday, the discovery of a new shark on Sagamore Beach, on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, alerted the scientific community. The alerts went off because This is the fourth specimen that ran aground on this site since the winter season began.

The biologist and researcher of the Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life John Chisholm provided details on his Twitter account, with the user @MA_Sharks. The academic published that he had gone to the site after necwa, a non-profit organization focused on the protection of marine fauna, notified it. When he arrived, he found that the shark was still alive. Nevertheless, it was in very bad condition. To try to help it survive, he along with another person were able to move it into deeper water. However, this did not work.

The specialist described for the medium boston herald that the fish, a porbeagle, was “super skinny.” His condition was so bad that even though he was in deep water, he was unable to swim. The next day, Chisholm and a group of experts returned to collect the body and determine the cause of death through necropsy. The specialist explained that different samples were taken to have the vision of more researchers: “As sad as it is that this shark has not survived, it will help us learn more about this species,” he asserted.

A shark was found off the coast of a Massachusetts beach

A shark was found off the coast of a Massachusetts beach

For her part, Michelle Passerotti, a biologist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Office (NOAA), will be in charge of establishing a clearer picture of what happened. In statements to the aforementioned medium, the specialist shared that one of the signs to determine that the female shark was in serious condition is that her liver was wrinkled and full of scars: “This means you were not getting the nutrition you needed”, he added.

In your personal account Twitter, the expert shared some images of how the necropsy was performed. In the snapshots, she can see the specimen on a table, while specialized personnel clean and collect the necessary samples: “It has been a busy winter! We took a brain smear and other tissues from this porbeagle female to look for pathologies and try to determine what made her so sick ”, he described.

Experts perform a necropsy on a shark found on a beach

Experts perform a necropsy on a shark found on a beach

In days gone by, an orca was found on a beach in Daytona Beach, Florida. In this case, it was a bather who was walking in the area who located it, and quickly alerted the authorities. The event sparked interest among locals, but also among experts, who are trying to figure out what happened.

The orca was stranded yesterday morning Wednesday
The orca was stranded yesterday morning WednesdayFacebook/flaglersheriff

The experts took approximately six hours to remove the cetacean from the site and, as with the shark, they will carry out the pertinent studies to determine its cause of death.


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