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One of the most controversial actors in recent years Johnny Depp, After the controversy and The trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heardfamous singerand courtney love Turns out there was an opportunity where “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor saved his life In a difficult moment.

Additionally, in the instance he expressed sympathy for the “Aquaman” actress, he pointed out Know what it’s like to be hated by many people, However, she did not like the way he handled the situation, so everything had to be left in the hands of justice.

Despite the judges’ decision, the actress Recognizing the actor’s kindness and the way it helped him survive,

How did Johnny Depp save Courtney Love’s life?

He was a famous actor of the nineties Owner of a bar popular among celebrities, Is one of the artists who participated on more than one occasion Courtney Love, In fact, this was the place where El Sombrero’s interpreter prevented the death of the singer,

“I just want to tell you Johnny performed CPR on me after I overdosed in the lobby of The Viper Room in 1995” the singer said amid the controversy, according to Vanitas.

Johnny Depp
wiper chamber

singer at that time suffered the loss of her husbandFamous, Kurt Cobain, The death of the composer had a deep impact on the artist’s life. he also started a crack addiction that led to the attack in which johnny depp helped,

on this occasion, Courtney Love He also revealed that the actor was attentive to his daughter during the difficult process. “Johnny, when I got addicted to crack and Frances had to suffer through all those social workers, He wrote her a four-page letter which she never showed me.” said the singer.


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