They give a mansion to anyone in the United States who meets any unusual requirement

Eastern Pennsylvania Preservation Society (EPPS) Hood Mansion offered as a giftbuilt by John McClellan Hood in 1834. However, there is a hidden cost to the proposal. Whoever dares to achieve Free it Historical construction You need to move it to another location in Lycoming Countyotherwise, The property will turn into a pile of rubble,

This measure was taken in consultation with the current owner of the mansion, The property was sold three years ago to a Brooklyn developerNew York, which plans to build a warehouse complex on the property. EPPS is currently working with the Limerick Borough Historical Society to protect the building and any other historical artifacts prior to demolition.

According to the publication in which EPPS offers the property, Hood Mansion It has 17 rooms, eight fireplaces and about 464 square meters. It also has chestnut floors, oak beams and a construction made of brown stone.

This is the mansion they give away in America.

The Hood “Bessie Belle” Mansion, located in Limerick, was built in 1834 by first-generation Irish immigrant John McClellan Hood. The house was built as a summer residence for his wife and 13 children so that they could escape from diseases Philadelphia during the summer months between the early and mid-19th century.

The Hood Mansion remains virtually unchanged in its appearance since its construction in 1834. The house remained in the Hood family until the 1980s was sold at auction to a developer who planned to incorporate it into a golf course which he planned to build. Unfortunately, those plans never came to fruition and the developer rented the home out to caretakers until 2008, when it was sold to Boyd Gaming.

Boyd made plans Demolish the mansion and build a large casino on the property, These plans were eventually rejected and the house was abandoned. The property remained largely intact and in remarkably good condition until 2016, when vandals broke in and began breaking windows, stealing architectural elements and painting graffiti on the walls. In 2017, EPPS learned about the mansion and began to acquire and preserve the home.,


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