They highlight the announcement of the creation of Medicine and Nursing careers

The mayor of Laguna Blanca, Ricardo Lemos, referred to Governor Gildo Insfrán’s announcement about the creation of the Faculty of Medicine, which will teach Medicine and Nursing degrees at the Provincial University of Laguna Blanca.

In data collected by AGENFOR, the official expressed the happiness and pride that “this Provincial Model that we have been running under the leadership of Governor Gildo Insfrán” produces in them.

He estimated that “with this announcement a dream came true, because many years ago people began to talk about this remote possibility and today, it is already a reality”, specifying that, in this way, “equal opportunities are provided throughout the territory and also for the neighboring provinces and countries”.

“It is a great possibility, a great pole of development, not only with regard to the training of professionals of the new generations of Formosans, but the great pole of development that will cause this in our community, providing more and better services” , he stated bluntly.

In this sense, he stressed that “we already had the Formoseño University Institute” and clarified that “the Provincial University of Laguna Blanca is created on its basis.”

“We have an example health model, a great infrastructure in each of the communities and now we will have the professionals who will come out of this house of studies,” Lemos said.

Finally, he expressed with certainty: “We always talk about education being the new face of social justice and this is a clear example that it is so.”

Continuing with the same theme, the mayor of El Espinillo, Carlos Sotelo, outlined in statements collected by this Agency, that “this political decision that the Governor has taken is a momentous event, and it really makes us feel more and more proud of this political project”

In addition, I point out that “as part of this Model, the fact of creating a training space generates great joy and great commitment to young people.”

To conclude, he stated: “Today history really continues to show that the Formoseño Model offers this opportunity to young people to be educated, trained and to strengthen education at all levels for the province, for the people.”

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