They identify a 38-year-old woman murdered yesterday in a motel room in Ponce

The Policeman identified this morning as Dorcas Greymar Irizarry Pagan38, to the woman whose body was found dead yesterday, Friday, by maintenance employees of the Nuevo México motel, in the Magueyes neighborhood of Ponce.

The director of the Criminal Investigation Corps (CIC) of Ponce, Daniel Justinianexplained to The new day that the body of the woman, who was the mother of a 16-year-old adolescent, was found in room #10 of the aforementioned facility and her death was classified as murder in light of the signs of violence that her body showed and the scene .

The events would have occurred in the area of ​​the marquee of the aforementioned room, because it was there that the body of the deceased was found face down and with traces of blood for which samples were also taken with the intention that the Institute of Sciences Forensic (ICF) make the corresponding analysis.

“We are still at the beginning of the investigation. The vehicle in which she (Irizarry Pagán) arrived at the motel yesterday was seized. She’s going to work the vehicle this morning for prints and DNA. Also, we will do interviews with colleagues, friends and family “indicated the captain by telephone.

She stressed that there are security cameras in the motel and that it was thanks to this that they were able to occupy the car and confirmed that Irizarry Pagán did not arrive at the motel alone, but rather that someone was accompanying her.

At the time of this publication, that person who accompanied the woman had not been identified. The Uniformed had also not stipulated a motive for this murder.

“(The report of the death) came down first as a medical case, because when the motel employees go to clean the room they see her lying down and they believe that something happened to her health. Then we arrive and we see the signs of violence both from her and from the scene”Justinian specified.

The authorities were alerted to these events at around 7:59 pm.

The bullet wound on the body, the only one Homicide agents could see so far, was on the left side of the forehead. However, the officer pointed out that any evidence of blows or internal damage, if any, that Irizarry Pagán received prior to the wound from which he died, will be stipulated in the autopsy report submitted by the ICF.

On the theory of a suicide, Justinian ruled out that possibility. “She shows up with someone and then she’s lying there,” he said.

The seized vehicle is a Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, which belonged to Irizarry Pagán.

The Ponce CIC Homicide Division agent José Pérez Montes, supervised by Sergeant Alex Ruiz, took on the investigation of this case together with prosecutors Meilyn Ramos Rivera and Carmen Santana.

With this crime, the number of women murdered so far this year increased to 32. Of that total, 31 are adult women and one is a minor.

In contrast, by this same date last year a total of 20 murdered women had been accumulated, of which one was a minor. Given this, the difference in total violent deaths of women between the current year and the previous one is 12 more cases.

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