They imitate the cover of Taylor Swift’s new album along the beach of this municipality of Cádiz

It is becoming increasingly difficult to know how to identify what is real and what is not on social networks. It is common for celebrities to become “victims” of some fake news about their personal and even professional lives. The last that is remembered was the alleged death of the singer jose luis peralesWhich he himself denied through a video.

On this occasion, Twitter has again acted and sowed the seeds of doubt among some of its followers. it has been settled @ThisRareLove Which has published a somewhat curious publication. In fact, he assures that the image of Taylor Swift that appears on the cover of her new album, 1989, Were Taken on the beach of Chiclana (Cádiz).

At first glance it may seem that this is entirely true as the artist is seen smiling on the beach, with the sea in the background, seagulls flying and extensive fine and golden sand, Along with the image of the cover of Taylor Swift’s new album, the Twitter user has also published a photo of La Barrosa beach in the Novo Sancti Petri area. It didn’t take long for reactions to come in regarding the cover of the American album. Some people joke that they have taken Images in La Cachuchain Puerto Real, and others joke that they saw it the other day.

American artist’s photos have gone viral and he has even more 2,400 likes and received over 157,000 views on Twitter. As far as the disc is concerned, 1989 It is one of the most iconic albums of Taylor Swift’s career and at the end of October her audiences will be able to enjoy her fourth re-recorded album, as announced by the artist herself on her Instagram.


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