They interpret a new song by Bad Bunny as a complaint against femicides in Puerto Rico

puerto rican rapper bad bunny He released his new album “Un Verano sin ti” on May 6, causing controversy with one of its 22 songs, “Andrea”.

Internet users related this song to the femicide in Puerto Rico. They assure that the letter evokes violence against women, reported the Mexican newspaper Milenio.

And although this theme has a catchy rhythm and sends a message against machismo, many assure that in this specific case it touches on the case of femicide of Andrew Ruizoccurred in that country.

This is an event that caused great outrage against the authorities in 2021, since the Puerto Rican woman was found burned in a spot on the highway. For the case, days later they arrested her ex-partner whom Andrea had previously denounced for violence. Despite this, the authorities did not heed the call.

“Four in the morning and Andrea leaving La Perla. They criticize her a lot without knowing her. She street like a Civic, smart like a Tesla. Dreaming of someone who can understand her. And she doesn’t want to change her, just love her, hey, just love her », says one of the verses of the song.

“He wants to stay in PR, not go to any state, but everything has gotten complicated. As if being a woman were a sin.

“That when you buy bread, they don’t ask for it. Don’t ask her what she did yesterday. And a beautiful future invite you. Give him respect and never take it away », she says regarding female harassment.

Note: The situations raised in the song “Andrea” allude to a fictional character unrelated to the life of Andrea Ruiz, the use of the first name in the composition is what has led to relate the song to the tragic crime.

Bad Bunny’s new song “Andrea” is related to femicide (elnacional.com)

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