They launch a request for the city of Pembroke Pines to cancel a Los Van Van concert

A petition on the Change.org platform asks the city of Pembroke Pines (Florida) to cancel a concert by the Cuban orchestra Los Van Van, whose performances are often repudiated by Cuban exiles living in the south of this state.

The concert is scheduled to be held on May 20 at the Charles Dodge City Center in Pembroke Pines, where the salsa and timba band Havana D’Primera, founded in 2007 by trumpeter and vocalist Alexander Abréu, will also perform.

“Los Van Van is a music band that historically supported and collaborated with the Cuban dictatorship; his unconditional support for the Communist Party of Cuba has made his presence unwelcome in South Florida,” says the petition filed by the Actions 4 Freedom group.

The request, which so far has 384 signatures, assures that the “vast majority” of the Cuban-American community has been “victim of the totalitarian and terrorist regime in Havana, which is the same regime that this gang represents.”

The petition goes further and assures, without providing information in this regard, that the Cuban government will receive “part of the profits from this concert.”

Los Van Van, considered by Cuban exiles as an emblem of the “Castro dictatorship”, is one of the most popular orchestras in Cuba and for more than 50 years has been performing genres with the rhythm of salsa and a mixture of Afro-Cuban and Cuban music. jazz.

The band was unable to perform in Florida for more than 10 years after its presence in Miami in 1999 sparked strong protests from exiles, who considered it a provocation and a mockery of their exile.

About 5,000 Cuban exiles surrounded the entrance to the venue where they performed on that occasion, in which less than 2,000 people managed to enter the venue to see the concert, despite the insults and threats of the protesters, some of whom were arrested.

This story was originally published on May 13, 2022 1:25 p.m.

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