They make a corridor for Bruno Valdez at the Azteca StadiumMediotiempo

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Bruno Valdezthe Paraguayan defender that today can be presumed as the top scorer defense in the history of America with 27 annotations, and after the announcement that will no longer be with Eagleswas presented at the Aztec stadium to leave through the front door, with a tribute included from the first team, who made him a corridor and gave him a good load of applause.

Bruno, who tasted the champion honeys with the million dollar boxbecause he rose to glory wearing cream in MX League, mx cup Y Champion of Championsappeared during the training session prior to the duel between the capital team and the Queretaroto wish each other luck with their now former teammates, after being cheered.

Stamps embracing each other with all the elements of the Ame were initialed in the Colossus of Saint Ursulaand by the way he said goodbye to a hobby that in recent times took away his shelter.

on good terms

It is clear that the Guarani is leaving Coapa in a good way and surely with the recognition of his directive, with which he was able to fix terminate your contract to contract with the team that best suits you.

Various offers of South America has to continue his career in the plains, one of the most important, of the Cruzeiro from Brazil.

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